Our Intention for This Blog

Every birth is unique and every mom and baby have a story to tell. Having birthed two babies in very different ways and after having read so many birth stories from women I have worked with in my Prenatal Yoga classes, I am constantly reminded that the journey from the womb into the world is truly a miracle in action. You can plan what you think your ideal birth scenario is, but nature, your body and your baby have their own plans for your birth and you never know what those plans are until you’re in the moment.

No matter what, the process of giving birth is a rite of passage that must be written down, shared and celebrated – whether the labor is quick or long, natural or medicated, vaginal or cesarean, the process you go through is truly transformational and brings you closer to your baby, closer as a family and brings you aware of your inner strength as as woman and as a mother.

I began sharing my Prenatal Student’s birth stories in my prenatal yoga classes and noticed the impact these stories had on my students. These women were curious about what lies in store for them, but mostly they were fascinated in hearing the stories as told by the new moms – the stories of overcoming their fears, listening to their bodies, letting go of their expectations and letting birth happen.

Birth is a dance between mother and baby. Each partner brings a unique chemistry and mystery to the dance. This dance can’t be practiced, orchestrated or manipulated – it simply happens and we must let go of our need to control the experience and just be present and open to what comes.

This blog is dedicated to all mothers and babies in celebration of their transformational dance. Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories! It is my hope that these triumphant stories will inspire many of you as you embark on this journey into motherhood.

If you would like to share your birth experience, please submit it.

‎”Birth is one of the most profound teaching experiences life offers. It touches us in the depths of our souls, the most private recesses of who we are. It requires that we respond with more creative energy, more conviction, more trust, than almost anything else we do. Birth requires an intensity that is rarely demanded by other experiences…And through it, we can learn more about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, our relationship patterns, and our needs than through almost any other experience we will face in our life.”
~Nancy Wainer Cohen (Via: Peaceful Birth Project)

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