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Lidia and Melody

After calculating that I had a good 60 hours of work to do before leaving for maternity leave in 2 weeks, I wrapped things up at work and met my husband at Anna’s Couples Yoga for Labor workshop. It was Friday so I was tired from a busy work week. But on top of being tired, I was also feeling a strange tightness in my lower back and abdomen, which Anna also noticed while adjusting me during one of the poses. The workshop was very informative, and after doing all of the poses I went home feeling much more relaxed.

The next day, on Saturday, we had our first meeting with our newly hired doula, Lissett, who had also been our hypnobirthing instructor. During her visit I mentioned that I had been feeling some tension in my lower abdomen and that I was having some difficulty emptying my bladder completely which led her to suggest that perhaps the baby had dropped. It was 3 ½ weeks prior to the due date so I quickly discarded this possibility since this seemed like something that should happen closer to the due date. After Lissett left a couple of friends arrived from out of town to spend the weekend with us. We had a pleasant evening and tucked in for the night.

Sunday morning I woke up surprisingly rested but starting to feel like I had menstrual cramps. This was strange but I got up and got ready to go to a place nearby for breakfast. I still hadn’t mentioned the “cramps” to my husband but at the restaurant, as we talked, I felt the pain intensify. We left the restaurant and once home I told my husband, Jason, that I wasn’t feeling well and that I would call the midwife to see if she could help me understand what was going on. The plan for the day was for Jason and his friends to go shopping for the day while I stayed home to do some work. So, still hoping that I would have a normal day, I told Jason to go shopping and I would call him if necessary. As he left our room and walked down to the living room I started realizing that the “cramp” wasn’t necessarily intensifying, it was coming and going. Immediately after this realization I suddenly felt overwhelmed so I called him back to the room to let him know of the change of plans: He needed to call the midwife and the doula to let them know some major was happening.

At this point I was still in denial about what was happening. I was not ready to accept that I was in labor because I still had a lot of work to do both at my job but also at home. We had made the decision to have the baby at home but we weren’t quite ready with all of the supplies needed for a home birth. But it wasn’t long until I had to accept that this was it. After Jason reached the midwife and the doula, the conclusion was that I was in labor and, at that point, an active one.

A couple of hours later, Lissett arrived and relieved Jason of his post so he could start to gather the supplies and make a few phone calls. One of the phone calls was to the couple that was staying with us for the weekend to let them know that I was in labor and to ask them to bring a few remaining supplies. After another couple of hours the midwife, Loren, arrived with the news that she had checked the result of the group B-strep exam I took earlier that week and that I tested positive for the infection, which meant that I had to be injected with the antibiotics before the birth. This proved to be very difficult because at that point I was already having the urge to push but I had to be still for what felt like an eternity until the entire bag of the IV solution was administered. The antibiotic was also supposed to be in my body for 2 hours before the baby was born which ended up not happening. Once the antibiotic was administered, I got into one of the poses I had just learned at the yoga workshop and I stuck with it through the rest of the labor.

At 17:03 after a little over an hour of pushing (and a fair share of screaming), Mel was born. She was a healthy 6 lbs 14 ounces at birth and as soon as I had her in my hands all the memories of pain were replaced instead by an extreme feeling of joy. What a day! When I woke up that Sunday, I could not have in my wildest dreams guessed that later that same that same day she would be in my arms. It was a crazy and wonderful day which we also got to share with our friends who arrived back from a day of shopping just a couple of minutes before they heard Melody’s first cries. Our baby girl scored 9 points in the Apgar system and is doing great. I am thankful to all that helped us in this process including Anna, Lissett, and Loren.

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Chrissy and Rylan

On Thursday January 12th at 9:30 a.m., my water broke. I was in the laundry room putting clothes into the dryer. I wasn’t completely sure, but I knew I hadn’t involuntarily peed my pants. A few minutes later, I felt a smaller burst, then I decided to go sit down and read my pregnancy book to make sure this was really happening. I should have known since I was already 6 days over due. As I was sitting there reading, I felt a larger gush. Yep, that’s it!

I called my husband and told him the news and he came home from work. I then called Puget Sound Birth Center, my doula, Mom, then Dad. Nicole was the midwife on duty. She told me to eat a lot of calories, drink a lot of liquids and get rest. My husband and I both took advantage of that. By this time it was about 12:30 pm, so I had my husband go to Kidd Valley and get us burgers and fries. He added in milkshakes.

My contractions started at about 1:30 pm and were about as strong as period cramps. My mom came over to pick up our dog at about 3:30 pm and my contractions had picked up a bit. She had also helped with my calorie intake by bringing cupcakes from Cupcake Royale, so I had a cupcake. Nicole checked in with us a little before 7:00 pm and had told me to eat another meal before my contractions became more frequent, so I did, then I finished it off with my chocolate peanut butter shake.

From 7:00-8:00, my contractions went from tolerable to pretty painful. When we talked to Nicole earlier, she had said that I should try to get some sleep and even get into bed early because it would be beneficial later. She had said she’d probably see us the next morning. My doula, Summer, said the same thing. Well, they were both surprised to get the call that my labor had sped up drastically.

Summer got to our house at 9:00 pm and I labored at home until 10:45 pm when we left for the birthing center. By this time, my contractions were back to back. I had 3 from my doorway to the car. We arrived at the birthing center at 11:15 pm. Nicole and her midwife in training, Katy, checked me out and I was dilated to an 8. I then got into the tub and continued to labor with my backside on the wall of the tub. They had me turn around and put my arms on the edge of the tub to get my IV in (antibiotics for group B strep). The IV was in for 20 minutes and it was the longest 20 minutes ever!

I continued in child’s pose and suddenly got the sensation to push. Katy had to help manually with moving the last part of my cervix so I could push. I pushed for about an hour. I could hear Nicole commenting on all the hair on the baby’s head when she crowned, then her head came out and on the next push her body.

Katy pushed her towards me in the water between my legs and I caught her, turned around and put her to my chest. She was alert with her eyes wide open and didn’t make any noise right away, then let out a big yell.

She was born at 1:09 am on Friday the 13th. My husband cut her chord (which was very short) and they had me hand her to him. He held her skin to skin while I delivered the placenta. I got out of the tub, dressed and laid down on the bed with her to feed her. The midwives weighed her and measured her. She was 7lb. 6oz. and was 20.5 inches long.

My dad had brought home made croissant sandwiches for everyone, so we all ate our meals, packed up and were on our way home in no time. We were home and settled by 4:00 am with our beautiful baby girl, Rylan Amanda Jones.

That’s our story!

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Tami and Lorenzo

I was due on the 26th of December, and after two convincing mornings of practice labor on the 22nd and 23rd, I was convinced that my baby would arrive within a couple of days of my due date. The 26th came and went with no signs of baby. I finally reached the point of extreme discomfort during this time: I was too big to sit, lay or stand for long periods of time. I started maternity leave from work and did a lot of nothing during the day. I’d go for walks, read, knit, and work on puzzles. After a week, I was bored out of my mind.

Finally, 10 days after my due date, on Thursday, January 6th, I woke in the morning, went pee, and noticed there was extra fluid. My waters had ruptured and the fluid was heavy with meconium. I had an appointment that morning with the midwives already, but I called them at 8:00 AM to tell them I thought there was meconium in my fluid. They asked me to come in as soon as I could to be checked. I told my husband, Art, that I wasn’t going to be coming home that day, I would be admitted. We both showered, packed our bags (yes, we’re last minute like that), and called my mom and our doula to let them know what was happening and to be on call.

At 9:00 AM we arrived at the hospital, and a quick inspection from our midwife confirmed that I was leaking and it was heavy with meconium. She walked us down to maternity and I was admitted. Because my labor still had not started, they started me on pitocin. I labored for four hours: sitting, standing, walking the halls. I overheard my nurse call our midwife and say, “she’s walking the halls and doesn’t look like she’s in labor at all.” Our midwife arrived, told me I was dilated to two centimeters, and suggested that she try to break my other water bag (I didn’t know there were two), to see if that would speed up my labor. I agreed. After a few uncomfortable minutes, she broke it and I leaked some more.

My labor became more intense within ten minutes or so. Pitocin is weird: I would have a really jagged contraction, then what felt like a second contraction right after. It was during this time that the nurse decided that my natural labor had kicked in and cut the pitocin. After about twenty minutes or so the contractions, while intense, lost their jagged edge. At this point I lost track of time. I know I labored for many hours while moving around the room, and that my favorite place to be was on the toilet. As my labor advanced I remember moving from the bed to the bathroom and laboring in the shower, leaning on my husband for support, and on the toilet, rocking back in forth. I was accomplishing what I wanted: I was laboring naturally without medication.

It was on the toilet that I had the realization that I should probably be checked, thinking I might be getting close. It was now about 12:30 AM on January 7th. Our midwife came in, checked me and told me that I could start pushing. I had totally missed transition; it never felt different to me. I started pushing while standing, squatting, on my hands and knees, and finally with a squatting bar on the bed. Our midwife was in and out for the first hour or so, monitoring me. It was intense. After an hour and a half, she was in my room with the nurse, my doula, my mom and my husband. She started coaching me to lower my tone while moaning during a contraction, and where to push during a contraction. She coached me to push four times (most people only push three times) during each contraction. My husband, mom and doula propped me up during each contraction so I could bear down more.

After three hours of pushing, with no medication at all, I was exhausted and asking for it to be over. I could tell that something wasn’t right: I could feel the baby’s head come down then move back up when I pushed. It still hadn’t crowned. Our midwife suggested that they start the pitocin again to see if it would help, and she also thought it would be a good idea to call the OB on call. The pitocin was started, albeit briefly, and it was excruciating to push with it after laboring without it. The OB showed up soon after the pitocin was started, at about 4:00 AM, took a look and said, “Nope, this ain’t happening.” My baby wasn’t even low enough to use the forceps or vacuum.

At this point, we decided that it was time for me to have a c-section. I agreed readily, and as they prepped me quickly to move me, I was still pushing with each contraction. The truly fortunate thing is through all of this my baby did not show any signs of stress.

The surgical team was great. They were quick, efficient, and the anesthesiologist was wonderful. Our midwife, my mom and doula accompanied me to surgery, and Art waited outside (he gets queasy with blood, as do I). At 4:44 AM they announced “it’s a boy!” and I cried. They took him to the warming table as his color was not great, and our midwife took lots of pictures for me. Unfortunately I didn’t really get to see him for long, he was sent to the NICU, and my husband accompanied him. He was 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and 22 inches long. My husband came back to my room and we decided on a name for our baby: Lorenzo Russell. He came back from NICU after an hour so I could nurse him.

Things get blurry for me at this point (probably because of the meds). I remember them saying that the placenta smelled bad. My OB came by later to tell me that the placenta potentially had an infection so she cleaned me out really well, but that I needed to go on antibiotics just in case. I started antibiotics on the Saturday the 7th, and I lasted on the first antibiotic for two doses before I couldn’t take it anymore, I was reacting to it. They put me on a second antibiotic when I left the hospital on the Sunday the 8th. I lasted on it for three days, until Wednesday, before my reaction to it was so bad that I was completely dehydrated. On Thursday I saw my OB and started the third antibiotic. By Saturday night (eight days post partum), I had hives in my throat to the extent that my throat was closing (anaphylactic reaction). I started taking Benadryl; fortunately it worked. I started the fourth antibiotic on Monday, and continued taking it until the following Monday
(three weeks post partum).

I have to say that laboring un-medicated for twenty hours, while not easy, was doable. The reactions to the medications that I took post partum were the toughest part of my birth story. But it was so worth it, I wouldn’t trade Lorenzo for anything!

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